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Who We Are

Logudoro Carni is a preeminent meat business company, specializing in the transformation of  Sardinia Lamb PGI meats.
In the past few years, under Giovanni Addis’ guidance, current owner and passionate custodian of family traditions going back three generations, we have skillfully developed our own trademark know-how.


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Thanks to recent expansion work and to constant upgrading to the most current laws, the slaughterhouse boasts state-of-the-art facilities capable of 120.000 slaughterings per year, with a peak of 3.960 livestock units in a single shift.
We enforce a quality management system that is fully compliant with ISO requirements, to improve our efficacy and to deliver top efficiency in transforming our products.

Accordingly, we thoroughly check every single livestock unit’s origin data, accepting only genuine Sardinia Lambs and cooperating with a network of 15 livestock traders (from Logudoro to Campidano) to uphold the PGI certification.
In line with Sardinia stock-breeding traditions, Logudoro Carni employs 40-45 specialized seasonal workers from the Buddusò area, thereby contributing to the preservation of its way-of-life and to that community’s economy.

Logudoro Carni also offers a selection of Halal-certified (“approved” for Muslims) products, compliant with Islamic ethical and health regulations, as applied in all Muslim countries.

Export is therefore a natural development for Logudoro Carni, with Europe already active and Muslim countries under development.
Deeply rooted in tradition and leveraging our know-how, we are passionately developing our business along the latest market needs, all the while staying true to our ancient values as practiced by our founders, the Addis Family, in Buddusò ever since 1950

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